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Cleaning your Foamnasium®

Life gets messy! With both parents and kids in mind, we've designed Foamnasium® to be a breeze to clean. Watch the video below for tips on cleaning spills and sticky fingerprints.

Most messes clean up with a soft cloth and warm water. You can add mild soap to the water for extra cleaning power. For help with those stubborn stains, jump below to the Cleaning and Care FAQ.

FAQ-Cleaning and Care

How do I clean my Foamnasium®?

Foamnasium® is wipeable!

•Spills or sticky spots: Clean the surface in a circular motion with liquid hand (pH neutral) soap and water. Wipe off the excess soap with a clean damp cloth and let it dry.

•Hard-to-clean spots: Use standard, household cleaners, a soft-bristles brush, and gentle agitation on any troublesome areas.

•Disinfecting: Phenolic disinfectants are the best choice for disinfecting the covers.

•Do not machine wash: We do not recommend removing Foamnasium covers. Do not machine wash or dry, this could shrink or damage the cover.

Remember, light colors need more care, more often.

My covers have a few wrinkles, can I iron it?

YES! Occasionally, wrinkles may appear in the fabric after unboxing and assembly. This is normal and will typically smooth out over time with play. However, if you want smoother covers right away, watch this video for how to iron your Foamnasium®.

Is Foamnasium® waterproof?

Foamnasium® is water resistant but not waterproof. All spills should be wiped up promptly, and stains may occur with sauces and colored drinks.

What about pet hair?

Each pet and home are a bit different! You may notice that some pet hair and fur may have static cling depending on the pet and the climate around you! In either case, all hair should be easily wipeable with a damp cloth.

Have more questions about taking care of your Foamnasium®?

Read more on our general FAQ page.


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