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Hi, we're Foamnasium®!

We make creative playsets that inspire active and imaginative play. Want to learn more?

Foamcraft founded by Robert T. Elliott

Our story begins in a sleepy corner of the South side of Indianapolis called Bonna Ave. It was here that our founder, Robert T. Elliott, opened the doors to the first Foamcraft, inc. location in 1952.

The Foamman

40 years had passed. Robert T. Elliott had handed over the reigns to his son, Robert W. Elliott. And one day, the CEO and young father of 3 came home with a surprise for his boys. A 3 ½ ft. tall piece of foam, cut into the shape of a tackling dummy. The shape, may have been simple, but the concept was profound. It was the first inkling that one day Foamcraft would dip it’s toes into the world of imaginative play. To this day, you’ll still find the foamman dotting our site as a member of our permanent line up.

Foamnasium launched to daycare and preschool catalogs

Fast forward yet again. The year is 2010. 60 years. By now, we have experience. Over a half century of it! And, in our experience kids love foam. Just look at what they do to couch cushions! Fort building, ramps, crash pads! And so we started Foamnasium. Originally, it was just a small proprietary branch of Foamcraft, where we made foam toys for Daycares and Pre-school catalogs. But then…

Focus shifts towards Families/Residential Playrooms

2014 happened. Flannel and wide rim hats were in vogue, Pharrell’s Happy was the top song on the radio, and the fine folks at Foamnasium were reaching a conclusion. The market that we thought was limited to the classroom and daycares? Well, it wasn’t limited at all. Parents all over the place were asking if they could get Foamnasium® for their playrooms. So, we pivoted to D2C and haven’t looked back since!

New building built in Greenfield, IN

Foamnasium® was taking off in a big way! We knew if it was going to become all that we wanted it (and our other brands) to be, we’d need more dedicated space. So, in 2016, we broke ground on a brand new manufacturing facility, specifically designed to be the home of our in-house brands.

Colors added beyond Primary Colors

The future was looking bright! And so were our colors! Up till now, we’d stuck with the classics: Crayola-esq Primary Colors. But, with 2017, came some new territory. It started with a sleek, minimalist black. But it soon branched into a tasteful palette of modern pastels. Gull Gray, Baby Blue, the perennially classic Pewter, and so, so much more!

Blocksy launched alongside unprecedented growth and expansion

In 2019, we welcomed another member into the Foamnasium® family – the Blocksy. Sleek, stylish, and limited only by a child’s imagination, our first play couch was an instant hit. The Christmas of 2019 will forever live in our collective memories as both exhausting and exhilarating, as we skyrocketed past all previous goals.

Rebranded to Moose logo, and first Moose deliveries occur

Speaking of Christmas, it was around that time that we decided a rebrand was in order. We wanted to communicate Foamnasium’ s fun, whimsy, and – frankly – silliness. And so, that October, the Moose was born. And on December 16th, in the spirit of the Holiday fun, so was the tradition of annual Moose deliveries.

First Retail store opened

As the years rolled on, we jumped into even more exciting adventures. In September of 2022, we took a bold step from being online only into our first brick-and-mortar retail space, right here in Indy at the Keystone Fashion Mall. Now, the foam fun you love is at your fingertips.

The Best Part of Our Story is You

We love hearing all the creative ways families us our products to build memories

Being a part of a family business for over 70 years has shown us how precious time is with those you love. Thank you for letting us be a part of that special time.


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